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Old Dining Table Refinish Project

For this old dining table refinish project I noticed how the leaves in the middle don’t match. There was a few steps for this old dining table, chairs and buffet refinish.

Old Dining Table Refinish Project

In this situation I had to strip off all the old finish and gett down to the bare wood.  Then I had to sand through the color (as much as possible without going through the veneer) to get back to the original unstained wood.    Then I restained all of it together to get a much better matching base coat of stain color.

Table Refinished

In order to get the leaves to match more closely:  I first stained then applied a clear coat of lacquer. Then I applied a thin coat of glaze that was the same color of the stain.   This smoothed out the color variations and gave the appearance a much more even look, with a nice aged looking patina.

Buffet Refinished


Here is the final picture of the Old Buffet!   This had a small 1/2 divot in the top that had to be repaired.  While making a veneer patch is never blemish free, it does go a long way toward hiding the damage and making it stand out less.

Hope you enjoyed!

Brendan Carpenter