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Repurposed Armoire

Armoir Repurposed
Armoire Repurposed

This Repurposed Armoire was challenging, but the end result made it well worth the time and effort. Moreover, the client was thrilled so all is well!  Remember how the old armories were built very large and deep to house large TVs? Now that TV’s have gotten so slim, Armoires are generally not used for TV’s as they are hung directly on the wall.  As such you can find these old pieces for sale all over the place for next to nothing. 

The Need

My client needed a storage/display/linen closet area in a bathroom.  I could have built something from scratch, however reusing one of these seemed appealing.  So – I hunted one down on Craigslist, bargained for a good price and off I went!

The Repurposed Armoire:

  • Essentially, we cut the piece in half (depth wise) using a skill saw.
  • We rebuilt some of the framing that was cut through and reattached a new bead board plywood back.
  • Removed all the doors and made a new shelf for the upper portion.
  • Sanded the entire piece and prepped for the spray finish.
  • Sprayed with a dark brown color.
  • Clear coated with several coats of satin lacquer.


Our client now has an awesome storage/display area in their bathroom at an affordable cost.  Additionally, we recycled and old unused piece of furniture