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Custom Built Pantry Cabinets

Custom Built Pantry Cabinets

This is what floor to ceiling custom built pantry cabinets look like in their early stages.  Yes, I know this isn’t the most attractive part of building cabinets but it is the most important. Quality cabinets all have good “bones” and these do.  I thought I’d show you these cores and point out a few of the details that make them higher quality.

First off all pieces – tops, bottoms, sides and backs are “dadoed” into each other.  If you don’t know what this means follow the previous link for an explanation.  Once you’ve seen that you’ll understand why these are such high quality cabinets.  Rarely will you see this done in cabinetry, but its something we make standard as part of  the building process at our company.  They aren’t just glued and nailed.


Starting with custom built pantry cabinets

In this case we decided to break the cabinets into an upper and lower.  We did this for several reasons. One – we had to get them in the house!  But also, by breaking them into a top and bottom we can add on some nice molding in the middle that breaks things up and allows visual appeal. Notice on the taller cabinet (which is the bottom section) we also built a toe kick. This allows the owner to stand very close to the unit when reaching up on the higher shelves.  Plus you don’t see all the kick marks from shoes.

Check back on later blog entries to see the finished, installed product.