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Creating a unique Dining Room Table

Recently I had a client commission me to build a table that would be used for playing board games, card games etc.  Creating a unique Dining Room Table is my specialty. However, while gaming tables can be cool they are a bit unpractical when not in use.  Not everyone has the room to have a large stand alone table that isn’t used every day…..

Sooooo…. got my wheels turning.   Why not kill a couple birds with one stone..?  How about a table that when not being used for gaming looks and functions as a dinning table???   The trick is that the table should be self containing  (i.e. hold or store all the components that are needed) and really look like a dining table.

Here is what I came up with…. This is the final product (when not being used for gaming) and set up as a dining table.

Dining Table Game Table
Table with all leaves set up as Dining Table


The next picture shows what the table looks like with two leaves removed and set up for fewer players or smaller games.

Game Table Dinning Table
Table set up for smaller games with two leaves removed.


Here’s the full version….all leaves removed.

Dinning Table Game Table
Here is the full gaming table set up with all leaves removed.


Each seat has a hidden pull our shelf surface and cup holder.  This keeps all drinks etc. away from the playing surface.

Pullout shelf and cupholder
Pullout shelf and cup holder for each player.


The end seats have pull out drawers for supplies and two cup holders for the extra people who gather around the table.

End seats have pull out drawers and two cup holders.


The table was made using walnut and maple.